Who is eligible?

We welcome dancers with any level of experience and ability, ages 4 - 17.

When and where are classes held?

Our weekly dance classes are held at the UCLA Semel Institute Auditorium, 720 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, on Wednesdays between 4:30pm and 5:30pm. Our Winter season start on January 15 through March 18, 2020.

What do we need for the first class?

Please complete the following before the first class:

  • Registration forms (click on “Register your kid!” link above)

  • Liability waiver (we will email to you to sign)

  • Photo waiver (we will email to you to sign)

We also request a $30-per-season donation that may be paid in the form of cash or check made out to “EMI at UCLA” when you join us for your first class.

Other than that, please ensure your dancer has:

  • Ballet Shoes or Socks

  • Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing

  • Hair pulled up (if applicable)

  • A big smile on their face!

How much does it cost?

Expressive Movement Initiative (EMI) is a non-profit, but we do need to cover costs such as class equipment and props/other materials needed to produce our recitals for family and friends. Please note our teachers, crew members, and board members do not receive any financial compensation for their contributions—they do it because they love it!

We request a suggested donation of $30 per season ($3 per class, 2 seasons for year). This donation may be paid in the form of cash or check made out to “EMI at UCLA” when you join us for your first class.

Who are your volunteers?

All our volunteers HAVE:

  • Completed UCLA’s Youth Safety Training Workshop

  • Passed a thorough background check through the University of California Police Department

  • Received an introductory lecture on modifying movements for children with developmental disabilities (taught by Pediatric Neurologist, Dr. Rujuta Wilson)

Our volunteers are NOT:

  • Registered Dance Movement Therapists or Physical Therapists

Most importantly, ALL our volunteers have a passion for dance and love working with kids!

Please do not hesitate to contact us at with any unanswered questions! We look forward to meeting you and your dancer soon!